Thursday, October 27, 2011

Football with Girls?

Two weeks ago my son had a game in another town.  As we sat on the home side (because it was so stinkin windy) we noticed on the other teams line up, one of the players had a ponytail.  And “he” looked a little curvier than most.  “He” was a she. She stood on the side for a while, then she went in - on the line of all places.  Guess where our guy played.  Yes, he was matched up with her. 
I know you are all thinking, "Well, why shouldn’t a girl be able to play football if she is qualified?".  As the mother of a daughter, who may really want to do this, I would think  I would want to support her.  But as the mother of a son, I have to say that I hated it.  From a very young age we have taught our son not only to NOT hit girls, but also that girls/woman are meant to be treated gently and cherished.
Now, he is being told “slam her to the ground man”.  What is up? How can we send these mixed messages?  Is this even a good message to send to our daughters? 
I really have no answers at all except that my gut tells me maybe there are some things  girls can do, but maybe shouldn’t do.  What do all of you think?
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