Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Green or thrifty? You decide.

I just wanted to pass on this tip that I used often.
We buy Target brand nuts in this container:
And when they are gone (which doesn’t take long)-
I take off the label and use them for the storage of all kinds of things.
In this one I have pattern blocks that the kids use.  I also use them for glitter glue and anything that is small that needs contained.
I also found this cool craft that was super easy, otherwise I would not have done it.  I apologize that I don’t remember where I saw it.  I don’t take credit for the idea just the container usage.  Anyway, here it is.  It is an I-spy jar.  You put little objects in the jar of rice and your children can turn it this way and that to find the toys.  Great portable entertainment.
I you have any great container suggestions let us know and we will post them or just link them here.
Have fun creating!!!

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