Monday, October 10, 2011

A light extinguished to soon?

In our community we just lost a young girl in a car accident.  I did not know her well.  I did know her mother and brother from our daughter’s cross country team.  From what I understand she was bubbly and silly and full of life.  I am told also that she loved Jesus.  She would read her Bible to other kids during breaks in choir and was not afraid to display her faith and yet she was very well loved by her peers. 
Why was someone like that taken from us so early?  If she could be here witnessing to others so easily then why would God take her now?  That is a question only answered by God himself.
I did go to the movie Courageous just last weekend and in that movie a child is lost and a line in the movie talks, at least about how we can think about a young death.  “We shouldn’t mourn the years we won’t have with them but instead celebrate the years and time we did have with them” .  I love that because that makes it make a little more sense in our finite brains. 
Each one of us has free will of course but we all have a purpose as well.  This young girl in our community live out her purpose to the full and I believe that because of the life that she lead her purpose will continue on now after her death.   You see many many people are being told about her and the life that she lived, many of her class mates hearts are broken and they are seeking God for answers. Some of these kids may have never talked to God but they are now seeking an explanation and He has permission at that time to speak to their hearts.  Many doors are being opened that may not have ever opened if it weren’t for the life and death of one special girl.
Was a light extinguished to soon?  In our minds yes, but to the creator of this world our omniscience God, which means infinite knowledge, no this was perfectly in His will.

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