Thursday, February 20, 2014

Drying Kids Gloves and Mittens

I know, starting back with a great post, right!
But I know I am not the only mom with this issue.  It has been very snowy all over the country, well most of it anyway.
Our kids have been out in the snow a ton this year and their gloves and mittens come in wet and over time very stinky because they never fully dry. 
I think I found a solution.
First, I washed them to get rid of the horrible smell.
IMG_4096 IMG_4097
Then I place those ever helpful toilet paper roll tubs inside the gloves to allow air to get up inside the ends of the gloves and mittens.
Last, set them on the heat register and leave them for a few hours.  Dry and smelling good!


Monday, February 17, 2014

Making a Come Back

    I have been really missing blogging and the communication with the readers.  I have decided to make a slow but sure come back. 

      Blogging seems to push me to be a better everything and I really miss that.

     The next post will be a recap of the exciting year that we have had.  So much work God has done on us.  How is it that trials are so sweet when you look back on them?

     I look forward to the posts ahead!