Thursday, February 2, 2012

Listen People of God

I want to ask all of you question.  What are you hearing in the Christian world?  What do you hear being taught and what are other Christians talking about? 

Back in Old Testament times, God would speak through the Prophets to proclaim His message.  The warnings and blessings were conveyed through the prophets like Isaiah, Hosea, Daniel and others.  Today, the Holy Spirit lives among us and in us.  There are also a whole lot more of us than there were back then. 

So,  I know I try to listen to see what the buzz is in Christiandom.  When God is laying a message on the hearts of many leaders whom I have respect for and I know they are speaking from the Word of God,  I want to listen.  Have you ever heard the same message several times in a week from different sources and you just know that God is trying to tell you something?  Well this is sort of like that. 

I believe that God has to speak through many people and in many ways to get the message out to the kingdom of God.  Now, there are many false teachers so that is why I said before, that you have to know who you are listening to and where they are coming from.  A good test is to check with the scriptures and if you don’t know how to do that, find a pastor in a Bible believing church to guide you to the truth. 

Back to the question.  What are you hearing?  For the next three posts I am going to talk about three topics that I keep hearing repeated over and over by many, many leaders and lay people (average Joes like you and me).  I think that God is telling us a few things and we really need to listen. 

Do you all know that we are always one generation away from loosing our faith entirely?  If just one generation neglects to pass along the Gospel message, their children are doomed.  God has not stopped talking and we can not stop listening. 

Come on back and we can look at one of the topics.


  1. Great post! I am sensing an urgency to get God's message out for sure. I feel like He's calling us to stop messing around and start doing the real thing.... It seems to me like most Christians are becoming more and more worldly, but the ones who truly have a heart for Jesus are experiencing are being called to let the world go, more and more.

    Does that make sense?

    Anyway, thank you for posting this because it's definitely worthwhile conversation!

  2. I'm really excited to see what you have discovered. I'll be back tomorrow!

  3. Yes, it is always so "interesting" when we keep bumping into the same biblical message, whether we open a Bible, turn to the date in a daily devotional, or hear someone preaching from pulpit or radio -- all in the same week! If it's really biblical, that's gotta be God's way of saying, Listen up!
    And I'll be back to listen up to your blog next week. :)