Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taking care of yourself

Last month we did a series with 12 other bloggers titled 10 days of Proverbs 31.  We talked about many different topics with in the passage.  In verse 22 her appearance is talked about.  So, I want to take a few days to talk about our appearance and how to take care of ourselves.

When we get married we have a certain level of primping that we do to look good for our husbands.  Picture4Some of us wore make up and had the latest hair style and some didn’t wear make up but just kept up with ourselves. 

Now two kids later, we may not be that same gal.  We may think we don’t have time for one thing or another. Picture1
But I have to tell you, the ladies at your husbands workplace or even just out in the stores as he shops, have the time.  So, I just want to open your eyes to something that I finally saw in myself.  I have a faithful husband who would not stray and we have a great marriage but do I want him to be at work with women who take care of themselves and come home to me looking ratty.  If I am wearing his sweatshirt and old jeans, no make up and my hair just thrown up.  What is he going to think of me?  What a slacker, may cross his mind.  I don’t want him to think badly of me in anyway.

Here is what I have discovered.  Whatever we did as a beauty routine as young brides, that is what we should strive to do as young moms (or old ones as in my case).  We try hard to make our homes look great Picture5and take good care of his children.  We need to try even harder to take care of his lovely bride.  His most prize possession. 

Oh and believe me I know you may not feel like one some days.  Taking better care of yourself will help with that too.  If we look better we will feel  better.  So, if you wore makeup before find that makeup bag and make it a priority to put some on.  I have had days when I put it on at 4:00 in the afternoon, but it was on before he came home.

Doing this kind of thing and straightening up the house before he comes home, bless him but also show your children the love and respect that you have for their father.

In the next few days I will have some recipes for moisturizers and face creams that I use.  Along with some other great tips.


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  1. How sad that this is a new idea to me, and is most likely an issue with many moms.
    Kids, work, household chores; we tend to get overwhelmed with the daily to-do's and too often forget what the little but important details.

    I appreciate the gentle poke and am already thinking about changes I can make...