Monday, February 20, 2012

Please hang in there with me.

This past couple of weeks, life has been so crazy.  I want to apologize for the lack of inspiration in my posts.  I really have strived to bring a variety of posts to my blogging.

I have s’more on my plate than usual.
Sorry couldn’t help myself.

I like to include recipes and tips and real life but also inspiration in other areas of life like marriage and childrearing.  I have not had the time to really think out my posts and rather than drop off of the blogging scope, only to return months later with an apology, I want to at least stay in touch and give fluff until life slows down.

My husband has become Commander of our AWANA program at church, mid year, which puts a lot of work onto my plate.  That along with homeschooling 3 kids and keeping in touch with our out of town girl. Things are just crazy.  I am hoping that I am just speaking to the choir and all of you get it.  We have also helped a few families by taking their kids for them and then the Purity Ball in our area is this weekend and we are helping.  So much it seems. 

All of this busyness does make me appreciate life as it usually is.  I am thankful that my life is not always chaos.  I think my family is thankful also.  I don’t want to miss everything because we are trying to do everything.  Thank you Lord for our lives and the things that you put into them or don’t put into them. 


  1. Thanks for sharing does indeed get very busy at various seasons...Blessings to you and yours :)

  2. grace, grace, grace to you. May you feel His presence in all your activities.