Friday, February 10, 2012

What is God preparing us for?

The last of the three topics that I am hearing so much about in the Christian world is: The End Times.

From the time that the Left Behind Series came out over 13 years ago all the way to the present I personally have been hearing speakers, pastors and teachers speaking on the topic of Christ’s return being soon.
This is a corny picture but I wanted to give you a visual.
All throughout history Christians have been looking for the signs of Christ’s return.  But until now not all of the signs have been there like now.  You can research this all yourself but I know I have done a ton of research and listen to many teachers on this subject and it will not be long. 

No one knows the hour or the day but we sure can know the season.  Jesus left us lots of clues throughout the Bible just as God did before Jesus’ first coming.  I do have to say that there is no need to be scared or worried about this.  If you are a believer in Jesus Christ this is a reason to celebrate. 
The three topics that I have been hearing so much about, I think are all linked together.  If the second coming is near then we need to be strong and ready. 

God’s design for the family was designed to make a holy life attainable.  When men and women are practicing their biblical roles, then our children are able also to follow theirs.  I know when my husband is leading our family it makes me want him even more and I hope vice versa.  When we love each other in this way it makes sinning against each other much harder to think about.

My prayer for all of us after reading this series is that we will really seek God in prayer for what we can do to claim our biblical role for ourselves and live it.  Also, to lead our children to know what their individual roles, as children now are, but also what their roles as a man or a woman in the future will be.


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