Thursday, September 27, 2012

Better Dryer Sheets

I have discovered a homemade dryer sheet that is the best I have used, even better than store bought.  I have tried many homemade items.  Sometimes they work just as well as store bought, or not as well but worth the money that you save.

This one is even better.  I love it.  I saw it many months ago on a blog.  I really apologize, I don’t remember which one.  I started using this method about 3 weeks ago.  Even Mr. Picky(my husband) loves the results.
Here are the ingredients: Fabric softener, water and wash clothes.  I know your thinking well you are still using store bought.  Yes, but it is going 2x as far as before.  What I do is, pour any amount into this container and then use that much water.  So, a 2:1 Ratio.

I then drop a washcloth into the mixture wring it mostly out and throw it into the dryer with the wet clothes.  After, wringing out the cloth my hands have stuff on them so I use a second cloth and wipe them and throw that in as well.  I just keep using the same cloths for several washes.

This method appealed to me because our washer does not have an easy way to figure out when to use softener.  I love the way clothes with liquid softener feel and now I have it with the convenience of the “sheets”.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rest for the Weary

(This was originally written by me 3 years ago.) couple I have often wondered what the passage, Matthew 11:29-30 "for His yoke is easy and His burden is light", looks like in real life.  We have been extremely busy this summer, especially the last month. Also, a new thing for me,  I now have a garden and everything is tomatoescoming in, so I have spent lots of time canning and preserving those fruits and vegetables. I felt that this was all very worthwhile work for my family. We also just moved, so I have been getting our home in order along with preparing and preserving food.  Because of all of this, I have let my time with the Lord and His ministry go by the wayside.

  Last week, I was an absolute bear to be around, even I knew it, but didn't know what to do about it. I prayed constantly, while I was busy, that God would give me peace and patience with my family. Almost nothing had gone right and I kept getting bumps, burns, cuts, you name it.

 Today, God revealed to me that I was out of His will, after I bruised my leg and cried out to Him saying " I am tired of hurting”. During my devotion God took me straight to the verse in Matthew I mentioned. I have been carrying my heavy, awkward and clumsy yoke. No wonder I kept getting hurt. As soon as I read this I realized what this verse looks like in life. When we go about our days doing our thing and not looking to be in God's will or asking for His will, life gets hard. Carrying Jesus' yoke means taking Him by the hand daily and walking in his will.

 Taking Him by the hand involves, saying here I am Lord, here is my hand, please guide me through this day. Part of that is daily reading His word. Now, was I wrong in doing all of the work that I was doing for my family? No way! I was wrong to not include making time for the Lord along with that other work.

 As for our other ministries, that takes getting things balanced. We need to set our lives up so that when extras come along, like Garden harvest, we aren’t over extended. Involving God in our lives, as we say Yes and no to different opportunities is key. Pray, Pray, Pray! Put down that heavy yoke you carry and seek out the lighter one. Then you will find rest.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY-Carpet Freshener

It seems like in the spring when we open the windows and again in the fall, we get a funny smell in our house.  I think it is the carpet.  So, I have been making a Carpet Freshener that I love.  We just made and used it the other day so I thought I would share.


I use:
1 Cup Baking soda
1/2 Cup Corn Starch
2 Teaspoons Fragrance oil

I first blend the soda and corn starch.  Then with a fork I stir in the fragrance oil, mixing and cutting it in with the fork, till blended well.  It will look clumpy, like a strudel topping.
Once you have it blended well, sprinkle it out onto your carpet.  I like to spread it out with my socked foot, lightly blending it into the carpet.


Leave it on your carpet for 30-45 minutes.  Then vacuum it completely up, leaving no powder in the carpet.  This can clog your vacuum so make sure to clean out the canister and filters if they look clogged.

You should have a fresh smell in the carpet and in the air for several days.  Enjoy!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Armor Up!

This June while we were serving at camp, we were given this prayer.  We were told to pray this prayer every morning before we worked with the kids.  Once we came home we continued to pray this prayer.  We realized that our enemy is always there trying to defeat us.  Whenever I heard someone talk to, my dear friend and Camp director Renae, about their praying 2troubles, she would ask “have you been armoring up?”.  The answer is always no.  

Now, I know that you can not recite words from a page and expect them to protect you, but as you visualize yourself putting on the armor and saying the words, it compels you to live a life full of the life of Christ. sword Saying “May the two-edged sword of Your word be ready in my hands so I can expose the tempting  words of Satan” will give you the desire to seek His word and to have it daily in your life.


Going daily to your Heavenly Father and inviting Him to join the battle with you, invites His power, love and strength into our day.
Here it is:
Heavenly Father,  Your warrior prepares for battle. 
Today I claim victory over Satan by putting on the whole armor of God!
I put on the Girdle of Truth!
May I stand firm in the truth of Your Word so I will not be a victim of Satan’s lies.
I put on the Breastplate of Righteousness!
May it guard my heart from evil so I will remain pure and holy, protected under the blood of Jesus Christ.
I put on the Shoes of Peace!
May I stand firm in the Good News of the Gospel so Your peace will shine through me and be a light to all I encounter.
I take the Shield Of Faith!
May I be ready of Satan’s fiery darts of doubt, denial and deceit so I will not be vulnerable to spiritual defeat.
I put on the Helmet of Salvation!
May I keep my mind focused on You so Satan will not have a stronghold on my thoughts.
I take the Sword of the Spirit!
May the two-edged sword of Your Word be ready in my hands so I can expose the tempting words of Satan.
By faith, your warrior has put on the whole armor of God!
I am prepared to live this day in spiritual victory!
At the camp you will find this taped to every mirror in the bathrooms.  I encourage all of you to copy and paste this on to a word Doc and taped it to your mirror, to remind you to do it ever morning.  I have mine in my Bible and pray it in the morning during devotions.

God Bless

Friday, September 14, 2012

We Had To Say Goodbye

Once again I have been absent for a week.  And once again it was for my little sweet niece.  I am afraid to say that this will be the last time.  Last Friday we lost our little Grace.  She just couldn’t fight any longer.  So, Wednesday we said goodbye to her. 

The short little life that she lived, 144 days, was not in anyway a mistake or a waste.  Everyday that she lived, she and her family through this experience, were changing people’s lives.  You would not believe the number of Doctors and Nurses that attended her funeral.  Doctors and Nurses have to see death on a regular basis, but I don’t think they experience life in the way that God used it in Gracie’s days on this earth. 

God made sure to leave His fingerprints all over the place in her life.  One that was mentioned at the funeral, by the Pastor was that My sister-in-law would receive a new parking pass every month and the day before Grace died the parking attendant pointed out that the parking pass was to expire the very next day, on the day of her death.  Immediately my sister-in-law remembered the verse about our days being numbered. 

I want to thank all of you and everyone at our church for all of your prayers.  They weren’t answered the way that we would have chosen but they were heard and God used every moment of Gracie’s life and death for His glory. 
We love you Gracie girl!!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

#1 Homeschooling Tip


We just finished our first official day of school.  I prepared and planned for weeks before hand hoping to have a great year.  Yesterday I had a novel idea.  Why not prepare with pray also?  So, starting last night I started praying for my patience and self-control as well as their cooperation. 

Well, we had a great day.  They cooperated and I didn’t lose my temper.  God is good all of the time and all of the time God is good.  Especially when we talk with Him about our struggles and fears. 

My number one Homeschooling tip:  Pray, pray, pray some more and then maybe two more times.

So, 6:00am tomorrow morning, guess what I will be doing.  I am sure there will still be bumps in our road but maybe my attitude will be better for it all, with God’s grace.

Also, if you could continue to pray for my niece.  It is just not looking good for that sweet little girl.  We actually need a gigantic miracle.   Her parents sure do need God’s wisdom right now.  Thank you in advance.