Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is Marriage Really Worth All Of The Work?

Our marriage has had some incredible strains over the years.  We have dealt with death, illness, financial trouble (some self inflicted,some not), moves and all of the other stresses that are involved in being married.  I have been sick of being married and I know that he has.  I have grown when he hasn’t.   I was a believer when he wasn’t.  I  have questioned why I married him. 
Was it worth fighting through all of those things?  Oh yes! 
Because of all of those issues, not despite them, we are closer than I ever thought two people could be.  I live with, eat with, sleep with and raise children with my very best friend.  Oh yes! It is so worth the fight.
Praise the Lord He taught us to stick it out.
This is a saying that is just above our bed.


  1. Amen! The best part of marriage is the part that you have to fight to lay hold of. Love this post!

  2. What an inspirational post especially when the world tells us that when the going gets tough, don't stick it out, but leave. (Of course, there are those marriages when separating/leaving is best due to abuse, etc.) Thank you for such a sweet and to the point post from your own experience about how you are growing stronger in your marriage despite all the growing pains! Thank you for sharing at NOBH! :)

  3. Thank you for such a real post! When I chose to write about marriage on my blog I felt like some would look at my marriage and say, "Oh how sad that her marriage is not perfect and romantic and yada yada yada". I feel that so many people have given in to the lie about marriage that if it's a good marriage you won't have bad days or the struggles like "bad" marriages! Thank you for the reminder that it is sticking through these times that makes our marriages good!

    Krista from The Mommy Calling