Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mom’s Organizer

A couple of years ago I discovered this calander tool called Cozi.com.  I tried using it but I was not much of a computer person.  I still struggle with using the internet for all of the great purposes it has but I am getting better.

Cozi is a FREE online family calendar, shopping list, family journal & photo collage screensaver. Simplify family life with Cozi.

Anyway, I just rediscover Cozi.com and I absolutely love at least one of the features.  They have a meal planning section where you enter your recipes and the plan you have for the week.  I know there are millions like that but, this one you can cut and paste recipes from anywhere on the internet and then it will make a grocery list for you or even just add it to your meal planning schedule.

I have never wanted to get into having a place online for all of my recipes until now.  Really just about any recipe you have, you can find on allrecipes.com.  Then you just cut and paste and it is in your box.

 Kraft.com and Tasteofhome.com are 2 of my other favorites.  These two have simple everyday family food and great ideas. 

Cozi.com is also has a calender, a to do list maker (for everyone in the family), shopping list maker and it also has a place where you can keep a family journal.  Then all of this can be linked to Facebook if you want.  I should really be asking for advertising dollars from them don’t you think.  But really I just thought it was cool and I may actually keep up with this one.  Check it out!

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  1. I love all of those tools too! I love that I can send out messages on Cozi to all my family about upcoming events :)
    Blessings to you!