Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Q of the Week?

Alright, tomorrow is the big day.  What is your favorite dish that you will either eat or make on Thanksgiving day?

Jeannie- Mine has to be homemade noodles with turkey gravy that my grandma and mom made for years and now my daughter and I make every year.  Yummy!

Melissa-My answer would be not the food… but I look forward to the table all decorated... I love seeing the table set with china and it looking beautiful. It reminds me of when I was little and seeing my mom work hard all morning to provide this awesome meal for the family. It created anticipation seeing that table set so early in the day while all the food was cooking.
Although… if I must give a food… it would be my mother-in-laws “sweet potatoes with apples”. It is a delicious recipe that was able to get me, who typically did NOT like sweet potatoes, to eat this vegetable. My kids love this side dish. I will have to put it on the website for all to try. It is super yummy!!
How about you?

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