Friday, November 18, 2011

Are you wasting your life?

 I just read such an inspirational post at Heart of the Matter blog.  I have felt at times that staying at home and not "contributing to society" is such a waste of my time and talents.  After reading this article, this is the fourth time this week I have heard "NO, I am not wasting my time or talents".

  • Why would I ever think that raising 4 children is a waste of my time?  Someone needs to raise them, they can't raise themselves, I know and love them better than anyone (except DAD of course). 
  • The Bible says that we are to pass our heritage (our faith) onto our children and talk about our faith:
    • when we rise 
    • when we walk along the road  
    • as we lay down. 
  • I want to be the one walking along the road with them.

If you need a reminder that you and all that you do is so very important to our society, go to the and read and be inspired.  You are raising the next leaders of our country.


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