Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Power

In this first chapter titled The Power , the author honestly talks first about how she did not rely on prayer as a source in her marriage. 

The next thing she talks about, that I had never thought of, is that praying for your children is much easier than praying for your husband.  Your children are born into this world looking so cute and having no ill will towards you.  You and your husband may have a rocky past/present and this may make it difficult for you to pray blessings over him.

She said a great blessing came when God revealed to her that her husband was unable to be different than he was because he was caught in a web from his past.  But, through the power of prayer God could use her as the instrument for his deliverance.  If she would consent.  She said that she would have to confess her own hardness of heart.

I was in this same place years ago.  Once I realized this, things didn’t change in him right away but they were changing in me.  When things were bad I would come to him in peace and ask him if everything was ok, or I would pray that God would reveal to me what was wrong or what I could do.
She also asks us not to write off our marriages.  As long as one of us is praying for the marriage to be restored there is hope for that restoration.
Lastly she urges us to find a prayer partner or two that we can confide in and draw strength from. 
Next chapter is titled His Wife.  Yep! She means us. First we need to pray for ourselves.

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