Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Family Fun!!

We had a crazy busy weekend, full of fun.  One the the highlights was doing a joint b-day party (I know we had b-day month in December but the little ones didn’t get a party with friends.  We wanted to do it in February to break up winter a bit.) with Melissa and her family.  We went to a fun place that has bowling and laser tag and of course pizza.
Now you can see more of her family too.
All of the b-day kids and their cake. Melissa’s twins Ethan and Ella in front and Bella and Jacob in the back.  Happy Birthday!! Sorry we cut the cake a bit before we thought to take a picture.
Mike and Melissa.  Aren’t they cute.  I love the funny face she is making.
Both of our little Boys.
Anna the star bowler!
Zach and Morgan (girlfriend).  So sweet!
The ever graceful and sweet Bella.
Not the best shot of my handsome man but the only one I had on that day.  Love you Babe!

What does everyone want to eat?
For some reason I didn’t get any pictures of Melissa’s Allie and of course our Allie wasn’t there either.  Sorry girls.  I missed getting a shot of Allie getting cake faced by her Dad.  Where is your camera when you need it?  I’m sure she would not have let me put it in anyway.  But I had to mention it.

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