Monday, October 31, 2011

Mission for November

Mission for November:

I ran across a blog called  She has great homeschooling ideas. One of the things  I liked best was she has a mission of the month.  This is when she shares with her fellow bloggers her mission or goals for the month.  This inspired me and so here are my goals for the month of November:
  • Organize my kitchen cupboards (ugh!)
  • Finish my meal planning for November(better get that done quick, so we can eat) 
  • I am going to actually plan this year’s Thanksgiving beforehand
  • Start planning Christmas (when I figure out what that means I will share it with you)
  • Finish putting together new calendar set up for classroom.

  • Write more inspirational posts
  • Start writing a Bible study
  • Write an article or two for other sources

Okay, there they are out there for the world to see.  Not all of you can actually see if I stick to it but some of you who know me well can.  I would say that Melissa put hers out their for us too.  Thank you for Jenn for your inspiration.

Mission of the Month


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