Thursday, October 20, 2011

There Is Something More Painful Than Giving Birth!

Our first born was a beautiful 9 pound baby girl.  She was huge and two weeks early.  This being our first and me only being 5’3” it was painful.  Plus, you know on your first you want to be heroic, so no drugs for me.  Ouch, for me and her, she broke her collar bone on the way out.  But that was 18 years ago and I think I have experience a pain much worse.  Not to long ago we dropped her off at college.  It is not that I am scared for her, I know she will be just great.  When I gave birth to her the pain was worth it and forgotten quickly when I saw that beautiful face.  Then I got to take her home.  This pain stinks because there is no gain for me in the end of it, or is there?  For 18 years we have raised her in the best way that we knew and raised her to know her heavenly Father as well.  It is time to release her into the world to use the wings that we have groomed for flight.  In the Book of Proverbs in chapter 31 the word tell us of a woman that we can model ourselves from if we are to be a woman of noble character.  In that chapter at the end of the list of all that the woman does it says that her children will rise up and call her blessed.  This our reward for all of the thankless jobs and hours that a mother puts in and seeing your child fly on their own and succeed is where we are blessed.  She is only at the beginning of this flight but her faith is strong, our bond is strong and she is following her Lord and Savior.  I know that even if she does fall she won’t get too bruised up.   I on the other hand feel like a piece of me has been torn away.  I pray to be strong and courageous  right now.  If you know a family with one going off to college now you know how to pray for them and so do I now.
Love you Honey!!


  1. Love, pride, pain, happiness, sadness, triumph, tragedy . . . are there any words that don't describe parenthood? What a beautiful girl! You must be so proud of her! And, as a mother to six, I know they may go away, but they never leave your heart! Keep praying for her! Thank you for linking up on NOBH!

  2. We are going through my son's senior year. I'm driving him crazy with the "lasts..." As so many other moms have said, it seems like only yesterday I brought him home... and now he is leaving.

    Like you, I am thankful he is equipped with his own faith and relationship with Jesus. I am thankful he will leave home with that firm foundation, not just of my love but of Jesus' love wrapped around him. I am thankful that he was quick to learn and adopt great character as his own (I got a facebook post today from a friend at church who said she smiled when she saw him open a door for a young lady).

    I pray that his foundation will remain firm. AND I already pray that the hole left in my heart when he lives will be filled with a Father's comfort, and hopefully the words, "Well done, my faithful servant."