Thursday, October 6, 2011

What is your History?


In my Sunday school class we are watching a video titled American Heritage Series.  It is all about our country’s history.  I highly recommend this video.


Watching this made me start thinking about how history is so important and that we are to know it so that we can learn from the successes and failures of the past. 

How many of us think about our own history?  I don’t mean necessarily all of the negative in your past and your childhood.  We are asked to look back on those things occasionally but how often do you look back on the history of how you have or have not followed God’s will for your life. 

I went back once and looked at and wrote down all of the times that I knew that I was in God’s will.  I knew this because from the other side of it (you know hind sight is 20/20) I could see that God’s hand was in the choice that we made.  Or the times when I could tell we were in God’s will because of the way things felt. 

I also wrote out the times when I knew we were not in God’s will.  I stepped back to that time in my mind and tried to remember how I felt, was I at peace or anxious.  I also tried to remember the circumstances surrounding the event, were there difficulties or did everything flow with ease. 

I noticed that the times when I know we were in His will I was at peace when I should not have been and things just flowed nice and easy as I remember them.  Of course troubles would arise but with God’s unsurpassing peace and unfailing help it seemed to go so well.  It also just felt right and with the praying that we had done I knew that that feeling was coming from my Heavenly Father.

The times when I know that we were out of His will were the times when we were anxious and everything seemed to go wrong.  We would fight and get frustrated with the kids.  And of course it just felt off, maybe not wrong because we wouldn’t have gone forward if we knew it was wrong but you know that nagging feeling you get when it just seems not quite right.

So,  I just encourage you to go back in your history and see what you can find there.  Then use this information to help you in your decision making in the future.  With this and prayer you will find your perfect path much easier.


  1. Wow. What a great idea. Going back over your own history. Paying attention to the times when you were in God's will and the times when you weren't. I think this could be so helpful when making decisions in the future. Thank you for this post and for linking up with NOBH! Smiles -

  2. Hi, I came over from NOBH to say hello and can so relate to your post. If we don't look back at our history we are in danger of repeating our mistakes or our destructive choices and wander further away from Jesus. It can happen so easily unless we're vigilant in our walk with the Lord. I like how you compared and contrasted the differences of your past choices.