Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Q of the Week

We would like to know how you show respect to your man?  The bible tells us that as women we are to respect our husband and husbands they are to love their wives.  Why is this different?  This is because we process acts of love differently and this is how we feel validated by our spouse.  As wives, feel cherished and loved when our husbands do something for us.  And just the same, when we do something for our husbands, they feel cherished and respected when we do something for them. So, what do you do to show respect to your husband?  

Here are our answers:

Melissa- While I heard of this concept years ago, I am new at understanding what it really means being fairly new to my commitment to the Lord.  I now understand that my husband IS the head of our home and it has been work in progress for me to give up "wearing the pants".  I show respect to my husband by allowing him to have the final say in the decision making process (sometimes this is done with gritted teeth). But I know it means a lot to him that I step back so that he can be in the role God gave him.

Jeannie-I know this seems silly but my husband loves to have the bed made each morning.  I really could care less; it is just as comfy unmade to me as made.  But to show respect for his needs/wants I make the bed every morning.
Let us know what you do.

Melissa and Jeannie

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