Monday, October 10, 2011

A Great Bargain on Yeast for your Bread Maker.

I make a lot of homemade bread for our family.  Now don’t get like that!  I use my trusty bread maker of course and I have the easiest recipe known to man. 
So, anyway since I make so much bread we go through tons of yeast, well more like pounds but it is a lot.  I found a bargain at Sam’s club on yeast.  In the grocery store yeast is about $5 for 4 oz. unbelievable! At Sam’s club I get 2 lbs for less than $6.  Huge huge difference.  I have used this for years so I can vouch for its ability to work well everytime.  Check it out!
I do keep this in the freezer.  I have an old jar from the expensive yeast I purchased long ago so I keep a small amount in that in the fridge.  Yeast is kept best in cool dark places so the dark container kept in the fridge is the perfect spot.

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