Monday, June 18, 2012

Raspberry Leaf Tea

The other day I was looking around on other blogs and came across a post on Raspberry Leaf Tea.  I have Raspberry bushes in our yard, so my ears(o.k. my eyes) perked up. 


You can’t see the bushes very well in this picture above, but aren’t those dogs so cute, that is Max, our dog and our neighbor’s dog Winston.  The bushes are to the right of the dogs.   Also, above is a plate of dried leaves.

It really has many health benefits.  Especially for women.  Here are the benefits that Jacquiline over at listed:

Benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf taken internally:

~It strengthening the wall of the uterus and the entire female reproductive tract.

~Regulates a menstrual period and decreases heavy periods (Drink 2-3 cups per day. After 2-3 months you should obtain a regular cycle.)

~It works during all stages of pregnancy. Relieves morning sickness and nausea.

~Is used as a preventative for hemorrhage during labor. It assists labor, making for an easier delivery.

 Tones uterine muscle before, during, and after childbirth.

~It increases and builds milk for nursing your baby.

~It is good for stomach aches and bowel problems in children and diarrhea in babies.

~It is good for digestion, as an antacid, and for those with bloating and gas.

~Treating Acne: It can act as an astringent on irritated skin by tightening the top layers of skin which effectively reduces secretions, relieves irritation and improves tissue firmness.

~Can be used as a mouth wash to soothe canker sores, swollen gums, and throat irritations.

~It is effective in urinary tract infections.
I do have one disclaimer:  I don't remember the details but I do remember something about this tea possibly causing early labor for pregnant women.  To be safe just check in with your Doctor or Midwife before drinking it in pregnancy, especially before 36 weeks.

So, of course I went right out and picked some of the leaves from my bushes.  I first made a cup of tea with fresh leaves and then later with dried leaves.  Not to much difference,  I think I did like the fresh better but, you can’t have that all year long. 

IMG_1807 IMG_1808

I dried them in our dehydrator,  it only took about 15 minutes.  laying each leaf on the tray took long enough, I didn’t want to have to do it all again the next day, if I had air dried them. 

Now, each night I have a cup of Red raspberry leaf tea.  Hope you can find some.  They are growing wild in many places right now. Or you can find it at  Happy hunting.


  1. I drank a lot of raspberry tea with my last pregnancy. I didn't realize it did so much more than the few things I had heard about. I think I'll go make myself a cup right now! :)

  2. I have some raspberry bushes in the yard-- and though I've heard of raspberry leaf tea, it has not occurred to me to dry the leaves and make tea! I'm just starting to learn more about herbs and I LOVE this idea. Thank you for sharing this!
    (And those dogs are the cutest. :)

  3. I love different teas:) I need to find some raspberry leaves so I can try this.
    I just nominated you for the Sunshine Award!! Come on over to my place for all the fun details.

  4. Stopping over from My Turn (For Us). I love finding new blogs, sharing ideas and making new friends! I'm following you via GFC! Congratulations on the Sunshine Award, too! Be blessed :)

  5. OH Yes! I am so glad you brought your raspberry tea to my party:) I am still looking for some leaves to try this:) Thank you for sharing at Freedom Fridays!

  6. I wish I had heard of this when pregnant with my two. I was nausea for the entire 9 months for pregnancy.:) Thanks for linking up to the NOBH

  7. Interestingly I am not the one who thought of researching raspberry leaves. .. My dog did. :) After a series of walks by a raspberry bush, she would PULL me toward the bush and start munching the leaves.. . It was like she couldn't get enough ! (yet, my dog NEVER eats leaves like spinach or lettuce... so I was surprised to see her gravitate toward the raspberry leaf). I notice, whenever she has a stomach ache, she'll PULL me across the street directly to the raspberry bush. She LOVES them. And I've been noticing the correlation (she eat the leaves, then has a nice bowel movement). It's like she KNOWS it's good for her !
    Thanx for the website, and listing all the great benefits of the raspberry leaf !


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