Monday, June 4, 2012

Our Small Group

This weekend our small group met to celebrate the end of another book.  We just finished

403476: The 5 Love Languages of Children The 5 Love Languages of Children
By Gary Chapman, Ph.D. & Ross Campbell, M.D. / Northfield
   I learned so much about myself and my children, in reading that along with my husband and the group. 

Each time we finish a book we have a party with the kids.  The kids are always there when we meet but they usually play in the basement or watch a movie together.  We have 10 children between the 3 families, usually my 2 big kids don’t come but all 8 of the others do.   They play so well together that we like to reward them at the end of the books.

I do have to do a plug for small groups.  We started our small group in September, and I feel like Mike and I have forever friends.  Meeting weekly helps you to feel free to open up and share things that you can’t in passing with friends.
couple in boat
It has also drawn us  together as a couple .  We have a common topic on our minds, from our book study, that we can mull over together.  It also gives us time to see other marriages in action and also parenting in action as well.  We can all grow from what we see others do, the good, the bad and the ugly alike.  If you have a couple or two that you would like to get to know, I encourage you to talk to them about starting a small group and meeting regularly together.  We have a group at our church that has been together for 6 or 7 years.  Talk about forever friends.

I’m sure you saw that I underlined all of the times I used the word “together”.  I did that because I started to noticed a theme as I was writing.  If you have ever done an inductive Bible study you know all about this.  When a word is mentioned many times you need to perk up to the word and check out the theme.  Same here, the word together is such a rare thing in our iSociety, that being together is a thing we really need to work to do.   It also goes along with our blogs theme of the three strand cord.  You can have friends and that is great but friends in Christ are where you can gain your strength.
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I’ll let you know what our next book is as soon as I find out.

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  1. We also do a small group study and really enjoy it for all of the reasons you mentioned! I have not read that book, however. Only the version for adults. I've been wanting to check it out. Thank you for these words! I hope it encourages others to join or start their own small group.