Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Book Club

I would like to see if some of you would like to join me in reading a book together.  I think if we break it down we can comfortably get it done by the end of summer.  Some of you might say well I can read much quicker than that,  that is great I will have a fast track set up for you.

The name of the book is The Bible.  To be specific the New Testament.  What happened to some of your enthusiasm?  A few of you dropped the thought right as I mentioned the book.  That is why this is a challenge.  I really want to challenge all of you to try to get through the entire New Testament in the months of July and August.  It has no more pages than a great Novel.

I know that we can do this.  Over at Women's Fellowship House my Mom’s blog she actually challenged her readers to read it all in July.  I know my schedule and I know that yours is similar, so I decided that we would need the remainder of the Summer.  In addition for those of you seeking more, I am going to have a verse to memorize each week.  Nothing hard.

God’s Holy word is our connection to Him.  He is our creator and His only thought is Us.  Why is it so hard for us?  We need to pray before we begin that God will open the eyes of our heart so that we are able to understand His truth.

Collectively we come to you and pray that you will open the eyes of our hearts that we may see all that you have for us in your precious and Holy word.  We pray that we will be blessed because of our willing hearts, even if we don’t understand a word we are reading at first.  Please bring us clarity and understanding over the remainder of this Summer while we are in your word daily.  We pray that you will also make memorizing your word easy for us and pray that it would become hidden in our hearts.
In Jesus Name

Starting July 1st I will post the verses to be read for the week and the memory verse as well.  I will be doing this right on alongside you.  If anything comes to you during your reading that you would like to share we can use either the comments section or click on my Community Button(Blog Frog) at the top of the page and click “see all” and then on the next page click “New Conversation”.  That will get you started once you are a member. 


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