Thursday, June 14, 2012

Going it alone

About a year ago my friend Melissa and I started thinking about this blog and what it would look like and be about.  Over this last year things have changed for both of us.  She went back to work and I stopped running my daycare of 10 years. 

It has always been my dream to write and blog and Melissa was interested in the blog world.  So, we got started.  Just about the time we started is when both of our lives changed course. 

As, I’m sure you have noticed, Melissa has not posted very much.  This is because of the path that God has set before her.  So, Melissa has asked that I make this blog a one woman show and go it alone.

I have to tell you that even though you all have not heard much from her, she has been a constant inspiration to me and to this blog.  I could not have started or continued if it weren’t for her.  I love her heart and her encouragement and I know that she will continue to give that as she always has.
Thank you to my Best Friend Melissa for all that you have done to lift me up and help me to fly.

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  1. Jeannie,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. God has given you a gift and I believe this blog to be your vehicle to help share this gift. You have so much to share and there is so much that others can learn from you. You are an amazing mother, wife and friend. Everyday your friendship has been a blessing in my life.

    I am so happy that this blog has been as successful as it has been. I believe that we were meant to start this together and I will be here every step of the way whether I am doing a guest blog or cheering you on in the background. :)

    For the readers out there.... just know that this lady here, Jeannie, has so much in store for you. I am a better mom, wife, friend because of this special woman in my life. I only pray that you will learn something, be inspired or find yourself closer to God as you get to know Jeannie as much as I have. Enjoy :)