Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Making Those Moments

This year being our first year with one income, we don’t have extra cash for vacations, yet our big kids are growing and growing and we don’t have many years left with them under our roof. 

So, we decided to frequently have camp fires in our backyard to just sit around with each other and talk and goof off.

Here are a few of the highlights from one of our fires.  Picture all of this with a stereo playing (at a respectful volume) Christian pop and alternative.  My big kids find some of the coolest Christian music.

Bella and Jacob roasting their marshmellows

My beautiful Allie making faces.  She was preparing the fixins for the S’mores.

Were wanting for the fire Dad.

Big Man make Little fire!

My little man, such a goof.  In the back ground you can see our old fire pit.  I like the new one that Mike made.

The Fire.

Our good boy Max.


We really did have fun.  They were just concentrating on finally getting that fire going.  Mike just cut down two trees a few weeks ago and the wood is still a little wet.  So, once the fire got going so did our fun. 
Time with our kids is so important.  It makes them feel like they are important to us and allows them to feel free to open up and talk.  But we have to make the effort to make those moments and the memories.


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  1. We love to have camp fires in our back yard too. The grandkids always ask me to make one. Congratulations on The Sunshine award!