Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 7- A Series on Proverbs 31

Are you asking the question “Should I get a job away from home?” or the question “Should I quit my job and go home?”
In my post called What is your History?

I encouraged you to dig in your mind back to events or changes in your life that you know for sure that you were or were not in God’s will. Then write some of the details surrounding those times out.  I encourage you to do this. 
I love to journal my prayers and in times when I just can’t tell where God’s will for me is.  I like to start journaling  out my questions to God in prayer form.  So many times, right then or later, I will hear his answer. 

If you and your husband are asking either of the questions I asked at the start of this post, then here are a few other questions to add.

To Go To Work                         To Come Home
    • Can we do without or is this a need ?
    • Is the need a real need or a want?
    • How much do we need?
What will you do with the money?    Can you cut back?
    • Is the need financial or something else?
A break from the kids?, A creative outlet?, A break from the current job that you have?
    • Is there another way to fulfill that need?
Can you find another way to get a break or to be creative?  If you do work could you change jobs?
    • What does my husband say?  Remember God gives him wisdom as the head of your home.
Whatever he says listen and you will be rewarded.  God will provide for all of your needs.  If he is indifferent keep praying.
    • What is the real reason I am being drawn one way or another?
    • Where is my peace?  Our God is a god of peace not anxiousness or worry.  Stay way from the path of anxiousness and worry.
For the question, where is your peace.  Go back to the What is your History? list.  Sometimes we can forget what peace feels like.  If you searched your mind hopefully you can recall that peace from a time earlier in your life.
Give yourself some real time to journal and listen. Have your Bible handy in case the Lord gives you a verse or passage to read.

As you can see from our earlier posts.  The Bible does not definitely answer the question “Should/Can women work outside the home?”  But it does tell us the other things, as wives and mothers we are to do.  If getting a job or giving one up make us neglect these responsibilities or our relationship with the Lord.  Then we really need to reconsider the path that we are on. 
I pray that these tools will help you find the path that is God’s will for your life.
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  1. These are such helpful questions for moms who are facing this decision. I especially appreciate your mention of women's need for creative outlets. It's so important (I think) to give ourselves the freedom to live out the unique people our Father created us to be. There is great joy in that! Thanks Jeannie. ~Anne