Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 2-the series of Proverbs 31

As I mentioned yesterday, I did search the Bible for answers.  One place I looked was Ruth.  I knew that Ruth had to go out to find food to provide for her and her Mother-in-law, Naomi.  She did this by going into a person’s fields and picking up the leftover grain that the pickers dropped.

I did notice something that answered one of my questions.  Once in verse 1:9 and then again in 3:1 the phrase find rest is said.  In both cases they are talking about Ruth going into a home to find rest.  Basically to be provided for, is the explanation I found when I researched a little bit.  This to me says that we are to be provided for. I do not have to be responsible for providing for our home.

To answer one of my questions-

Do I have to provide for my home?

As I see it from this and other places in the word. No, I do not have to.  Can I?   Ruth did in this passage but she was not married.  So that will be the topic/question for tomorrow.  Until then if you have never read Ruth take a look ,it is a very short book.
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  1. Hi Jeannie! I love the book of Ruth! Looking forward to reading your series!