Thursday, December 13, 2012

Whiten up Dress shirts and Other Whites

Quick little laundry tip I just discovered. 

Once a year our church has a big ladies dinner.  This year it was 4 nights in a row.  The dinner is served to the ladies by the men of our church.  My husband is one of them.  For this dinner, all of the men are required to where White dress shirts and black pants with a black bow tie that is provided for them.

My husband usually wears colored dress shirts so this white one was waiting in his closet since last year.  We pulled it out and it had that dreaded “ring  around the collar”.  I washed it once with detergent poured directly on the stain.  Still yellow! 


So I thought well what about bleach.  I mixed bleach with a little baking soda to make a paste. 


I use an old princess toothbrush to scrub the paste onto the collar.  If you have, say a Buzz Lightyear tooth brush I am sure that would work too.


I saw it start to work right away and then washed the shirt.  It came out sparkling white.  Ready for another year of dinner service.

I am sure this would work on anything white but test it in a small part of the garment that will not be seen.



  1. Jeannie, you're my life saver! I have a few blouses & business shirts with 'ring around the collar'. I've tried everything to remove those rings but ....failed. I will definitely give this brilliant idea a try.
    Thanks for sharing!