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Tamar- Woman Blessed by God

I just got this great book called All the women of the Bible.
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I thought it might be fun to do a couple of posts about some of the women of the Bible.  I started with the first woman listed in the Genealogy of Jesus, Tamar.

To start read Genesis 38.  This is the story of Tamar. 

dandilionIn studying Tamar I had a hard time figuring out what to draw from it.  Well I had forgotten to pray first so once I realized that and did it, God showed me something.

So many Christian woman are married to unbelievers, either they became Christians after marrying or made the decision to marry an unbeliever in hopes of changing them.

Can we still be blessed when we are in an unholy holding hands coupleunion?  Tamar was given in marriage to a man so evil that he was the first man recorded that God killed.  We don’t know what he did but it must have been pretty bad.  Then Tamar, by Levitical Law-Hebrew Law, was given to the next brother in line, he too was evil in the eyes of the Lord, directly towards Tamar, and was killed.  Judah, the father of the two brothers had one more son but refused to give him. 

Judah himself was the only one left in the family who could then be her Kinsman-redeemer, click to read about that.
She would have been rejected by him as well because of incest.  So she tricked him into following Levitical Law.  After Judah realized what she had done he said, “She is more righteous than I”, because he had refused her his last son.

Because of the one time that she and Judah came together, God blessed Tamar with not one son but 2, one of which is Perez, whose name along with his mothers is found in Matthew 1, the Genealogy of Christ.

Tamar did her best to follow God’s law as we do our best to be obedient to God and have a relationship with Him.  Because she was committed to obedience, God blessed her.  Her life may not have been peachy but she was recognized in the eyes of God and her name was placed in a place of honor, in God’s very own Holy word.

Side note:
Do you remember John 1, “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God  and the word was God.  Jesus is the word (hard for our human mind to understand, I know).  So in two ways Tamar was placed in a place of honor in God’s own Holy Word.  One, in writing and also she was literally in His bloodline.

We too can be blessed when our husbands are unbelievers, by being obedient to God’s word, loving God and being in a relationship with Him.

God Bless


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