Friday, December 14, 2012

A Day of Mourning

Today, I have been just shaken.  I am sure that most of you have read or heard about the school shooting in Connecticut.  This school is a school filled with 450 K-4th grade children.  We are talking about kids just 5-10 years old. 

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Not only did this man kill many little children, but he committed a heinous act of violence in front of all of their friends and classmates. I have heard story after story this year of shootings.

What in the world is going on in our country?  I don’t know the reason this man decided to do this and I guess I really don’t care.  There is no imaginable reason for an act of this kind.

All I can say is Jesus please come soon.  How horrible will our world get before He says that is enough?  How far will he let us go?

Dear Lord,
You are almighty, sovereign over all creation.  I come to you, mourning the lose of children I do not know and will never know until I see them in heaven.  In the name of Jesus, I lift up these families.  I can not even fathom what this community is going through.  Lord I know you can take evil and use it for your good and glory.  I pray that you will do that right this minute.  I pray that the hearts of the people in that community will turn to you and seek your face.  Lord I also pray that the spirit of evil that has been unleashed in this country would be stopped.  I pray that you will bind it and throw it into the pit of hell where it came from.  I ask you to open the eyes of this nation and not let this be just another tragedy that comes and goes and gets filed away in our mind and as just another sad day.  Lastly Lord I ask you to wipe the minds of those little children who witnessed this horror.  I pray that you will protect their innocents and not allow it to penetrate their hearts and minds.
In Jesus Name I pray

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