Friday, October 5, 2012

Beware of Monsters

Has anyone else been bothered by the constant presence of monsters?  Everywhere you turn theseimagesCAFTJOMV days you will see monster toys, monster children’s movies and monster shows.  I don’t know what Satan is up to, but I know that we need to protect our children right now more than ever.  Protection starts first with arming them with the knowledge that these things are not of our God.  They are evil. 


The first monster toys did not pop up in the past year.  The introduction to monsters came many yearsimagesCANRE5ZG ago when we were all children.  The scary thing is they were cute and cuddly.  The most famous one is named Elmo.  Satan has slowly began to desensitize us of the goriness of monsters.  Now they are cute and cool to our society. 


I want you to know that I am just a regular mom, imagesCAERYRPBnot a hypersensitive, over protective mom.  Please don’t blow off this idea as being fanatical.  I believe that our children are under attack, our next generation is under attack.

Monsters do not exist but, evil does and it reigns here on earth.

Pray for your children and those around you that they not get sucked in to this monster craze.  If you think that I am being fanatical, just pray before you allow your child to take part in any of this. 
The other reason I wanted to point this out is that, I have a feeling that this year Halloween costumes are going to be scarier than ever and to remind you to keep your eyes open to protect your little ones.

Another reason to have our nation in prayer.


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  1. I hopped over here from Growing Home, and I'm glad I did. I too feel this way this year. I'm just a regular mom too, but I worry about my children and this monster craze. We don't watch a lot of TV, mainly PBS but I noticed the other day that my 2 year old son was starting to identify with the bad guys on a few shows (because their loud and more fun) and my husband and I made the decision to switch out on a few of these shows such as Word Girl.