Monday, October 8, 2012

Living a life of excellence that fits you


For the next few weeks I am doing a series on living a life of excellence.  The life of excellence I am speaking of, is the one that Christ has called us to.  The ultimate goal of life, above being a great mom, faithful wife and all around great person, is to be more like Jesus.

The thing that I have always struggled with in this regard is comparing my goals for excellence with the goals of others, or my achievements/lack of achievements with those of others as well.  All along I should have been comparing myself with the author of the life of excellence Himself, Jesus.

I am going to show you the things that I have learned or have been trying to learn through the years.  I have an interesting situation in that we have two sets of kids essentially, we have two kids 19 and 17, then two kids 8 and 6.  We were given an opportunity to grow as parents and in our marriage continuously.  So, I have learned some things early on and now we are learning even more.

I hope that you enjoy this series, and learn as I  learn along with you.  The Lord has shown me so many great things about life and myself along this journey.

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  1. I have some friends who have essentially two sets of kids like you, except they're all about 5 years older. It's worked out well for them.

    I'll look forward to what you'll share about excellence.

  2. This looks like a great series, Jeannie! I look forward to reading what you have for us here!

  3. I had nine years between my girls, too. I'm looking forward to your series.

  4. Great. I'm looking forward to the whole series!