Friday, October 12, 2012

Living a life of excellence that fits you- Bible study

  For some reason, using Bible study to find answers seems to be the last thing we think of as a Mom, yet it is our best tool for getting through the day. We search the blogs for ideas on making our lives run smoother, we have boards and boards full of great ideas pinned on Pinterest, we read fun magazines to read the 10 best ideas on…

 But we forget to go to the source of all of our strength and wisdom and peace.

 My daughter went to a Purity Ball when she was in 10th grade. One of the things that the speaker mentioned to the girls was that, she would put post it notes up all over her wall. On them were ideas, dreams, prayers, and scriptures. Allie has done that all of these years and has gained great wisdom from the notes she reads daily as she does her hair and makeup, especially on the days she is running short on time.

   I encourage all of you to find a way to connect with God daily. If it is just having the time to do as Allie clip_image001does when she is in s hurry or if it can be getting up 30 minutes early to read the word and pray. Somehow fitting Bible study into our lives brings so much blessing and peace throughout the day.

Searching pinterest and blogs for ideas is so much fun, nothing wrong with that, just don’t forget Jesus and the importance of that relationship.

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  1. Well said:) All the answers are here. I need to make myself a note on my mirror to remind me of this. Thank you for sharing this.