Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How Hospitable is your Home?

We received, what I thought was a great compliment the other day.  My oldest daughter asked if a few of her friends from college could come and stay with us for Easter since they lived so far away. 
During a late night talking session, one of them, who boringgoes to a Christian college but grew up in an unbelieving home, said that our family was way more normal than they thought we would be.  I guess they thought that Christian homes were stuffy and unfun.

I took this as a compliment that someone would come funto the realization that being a Christian can be a fun and “normal”.  We did have bunches of fun, going to the park to play basketball and tag, also playing games at home and just hanging out.  I hope that we gave them a good picture of what their family life could look like one day, in their Christian home.

fun 1I wanted to remind you all too, to have a home that has boundaries and rules to follow and yet is still a great place to be.  After all getting down and playing right at the stage that they are in is they best way to have the opportunity to teach them.



  1. Jeannie, what a lovely compliment. I enjoyed this sweet post xo

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    You planted a seed that will grow in her heart forever.

    I hope you have a fabulous week.

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  3. That is a great compliment. There is nothing worse than visiting a home and feeling out of place or unwelcome. You sound like a great family!

    Stopping in from the hop! New GFC follower :)
    Have a great weekend!

    Theresa’s Mixed Nuts

  4. That's so great that you and your family were a great example of a fun-loving, normal Christian family, Jeannie! Great thoughts!