Monday, April 30, 2012

How do you get connected?

This weekend I went on my first youth conference as an adult.  My teens have gone for years, but having little ones also, has made it difficult for me attend.
praying 2I had a blast,  I really didn’t realize how much I would enjoy the kids.  I love mine, but normally get irritated by others.  I think that God is changing my heart.

The theme of the the conference was “Connected”.  The speaker taught them all about staying connected to God, through prayer and about how that is as essential to our life, as plugging in our ipad is to its use.  If you don’t plug in the pad you have no power when you need it.  If we don’t plug into God, through prayer, we also won’t have the power when we need it.

It was so amazing, through the whole weekend the kids and leaders did 6 hours of prayer.  Not once did the kids complain or get tired of doing it.  One speaker said “We can bring in the best speakers and the best bands but nothing can change your hearts like God can through the power of prayer”. praying
Isn’t that so true.  We can talk and talk but only God can change the hearts of those we love.  I am going to set up a weekly time at our church for the kids to come as they are and have a quiet place to pray, starting this week. 

God also convicted me on my prayer life.  I pray almost constantly, daily but I don’t spend very much time waiting on the Lord.  I normally do all of the talking.  So, I am going to, next week present a prayer challenge for you all to join me in.  More details on that later.  But for now I just encourage all of you to take a look at your prayer life.  How well are you connected to the King of the Universe?


  1. Oh, I look forward to your prayer challenge! I pray a lot throughout the day, but I find it harder to sit in my quiet time and pray...maybe the going deep with prayer and silently listening in prayer that I feel restless with. Great thoughts and look forward to next week!

  2. It is so great to hear that the youth leaders put such an emphasis on actually praying... so much wisdom to do that. We talk about it-- but the time spent actually doing it is much less. Six hours is a good chunk of time. How transforming it must be for the teens to pray together with their youth group like that.
    Oh, and I'm familiar with not waiting, either... I like to do the talking too, and not wait to listen. Thank you for the challenge, I need it!