Monday, March 5, 2012

Taking Care of Yourself- Part 4

I have a great tip/recipe for those of you who get a little crazy around the week,week and a half before your period.  I know that a fruit of the spirit is self-control but there are times when hormones are stronger than our constitution. 

A couple of years ago I started to notice that at a certain time of the month, about 1 1/2 weeks before my period, whoever was standing in front of me at the given moment my body angry girlsdecided on, would become my enemy for the next week.  I don’t mean that I just didn’t like them, I was enraged by them. 

I’m the one in the purple,she of course is much cuter than I look at that time, and my poor husband or children were the one on the pink. 

I started to track this horrifying behavior and found it to be consistent.  I talked to my friend  Beth that has done lots of research in the area of women’s bodies and she recommended that I add 2 1/2 teaspoons of ground flax seed mealimages flax seed to my diet daily.  I have been doing this for about a year and that horrible feeling and behavior has been gone. 

However, this month about 3 weeks before my period I ran out of my flax seed meal and the monster (I am not joking) came back.  This is my hypothesis: Jeannie + Flax Seed meal= Happy girl.

I will never go even a day without it.  Apparently, Flax seed has hormones in them that balance things out.  I really don’t care about the science of it all.  I just know that I love this stuff.  Thank you Lord for creating it.  Thank you Beth for suggesting it.  Give it imagesCAKYWB8Ca whirl (literally) I put it in smoothies and in cereal.  I try to eat it at breakfast so that I don’t forget.  It is part of my routine, just like taking my vitamins.  You can find Ground Flax Seed Meal in most grocery stores in the healthy food section or near the flour.  As the commercial says “Happy Period”.



  1. What a great idea! I didn't know this about flaxseed, but my husband might love this idea for me!

  2. Great idea! I have a few recipes with flaxseed and will have to make them more often!

  3. Best tip ever lol! Thank you for sharing. This might be a silly question, but how much flaxseed do you add to cereal?

  4. I'll have to try that. I also have a recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies ever using flaxseed. I guess, it's time to get baking! haha!

  5. Interesting. I had heard flaxseed was good & have taken it before but have been out of the habit. This is a good reminder of the benefits

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  7. Sounds like I should be adding flax seed to my diet! Thanks for linking up with us at NOBH!