Monday, March 26, 2012

An Internet Surfing Accessory

As I was writing a post the other day I was about to put a link into the post to a scripture verse, which I forgot to do, because I was thinking about…

What a great internet surfing accessory- The Bible.
So many of us look around at the inspirational blogs and run across a post that has a reference to God’s word.  Many times the person who posted will put a link or will even write out the verse they are speaking about.  I want to remind you of how God works.  You all know this but I’ll say it anyway.  God teaches us through things that we run across in our daily life, a song, a radio program and also a blog posting.  So, if a post or verse really jump out or speak to us then what a better time to pull out you Bible and see what else God has to say to you.

You may not need it every time you poke around the web, but you just never know and if you have it handy you are more likely to grab it and surf the Bible as well.  This is just a tip on making you internet time purposeful and meaningful.

Happy Blog Hopping!!



  1. What a great tip! So glad you reminded us that sometimes, God wants to elaborate!

  2. Great reminder! God has much to offer in the context :)

  3. What a great reminder! God can and does speak to us through blog posts ( I LOVE that!!). Thank you for this reminder because reading blog posts can be just another one of those time wasters that takes us away from time in God's word-Or it can help and enhance our time in God's word. Thanks for sharing this today!! :)

  4. Great idea! I find that when I am writing, I may start with the internet, especially to get more context from folks more knowledgeable than myself, but it isn't unusual for me to go read much more of the entire story. Of course, I always learn from that. :-)

    Thanks for sharing at NOBH!