Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Wonder Towels

I have been to a home party where they demonstrated a towel that cleaned everything from windows to bathrooms.  I was very impressed but could not afford them.  A while later a friend of mine tried some towels from the automotive department and said she really liked them. 

So, forward months later, I was at Wal-Mart the other day and thought I would try these towels from the automotive department. 
I came home and tried them and could not stop cleaning.  I was trying it on everything I could think of. 
I showed you two pictures because the first one has a smudge on the lens  and I used the towel to clean the smudge.  The towel is so soft.
Yesterday, I cleaned upstairs in the bedrooms.  First, I cleaned all of the windows with two towels, no cleaner.  I used one damp towel to wash the windows and the other to dry them off.  With the same towels I dusted everything and then rinsed them and cleaned the bathrooms minus the toilets (I can only use paper towel for that, or the Clorox wipes).  In the bathroom I did finally use my homemade all purpose cleaner
The great thing is that it took me no time at all.

I highly recommend these towels.  The best part is that I paid $5 for 8 of the towels.  Super cheap, super great cleaning tool.  They are also green, eco-friendly.


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