Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why We Homeschool

I first discovered homeschooling when my 16 and 19 years were in 2nd and back to school5th grade.  I read a ton of books on homeschooling and fell in love with the idea.  At that time I talked to my husband, who was a very new Christian and he said he didn’t like the idea at the ages they were.  He thought they had been in school to long already and it would be to big a change.  Even though I really, really wanted to, I had been learning about submission and the value in it so I let it go. 

school days
Fast forward 7 years, I now had a little one starting Kindergarten.  We have 2 elementary schools in our town, the public school  and a charter school.  Our two older children went to a school similar to the charter school, so I leaned towards  that one.  I just didn’t have peace even though everything looked just fine.  In all of our years with the public school, even in two different towns and two different states, we have never run into anything that caused us to doubt our children’s educational or spiritual well being, besides of course the integration of evolution.  With the evolution we discussed how that is not how we believe and explained why.  With that the kids would come home some days rolling their eyes an saying “The teacher said something was a billion years old again today”.


When looking into schools that year, homeschooling did come up again.  So, after praying that God would give my husband wisdom and understanding about this, I went to him and asked him what we should do, half hoping he would say no again.  He said that we should try it this time,  Part of me was excited, but part of me was scared out of my mind.  But I just pressed on and now even my 16 year old is going on his 2nd year of homeschooling, by his own choice. 

I think that we homeschool simply because we enjoy being with our kids.  I love to be the one who helps them to discover new things and to sit and watch the incredible progress of a new reader.   I also like having more time with them to have great conversations about God and our relationship with Him.

I don’t think that everyone should homeschool but if it is tugging at your heart, make sure you don’t ignore it.  God will equip you with everything you need if he is calling you.  If you don’t know, do as I did and pray for God to speak to your husband and lean on his advice in the situation.



  1. Hi! Linked up behind you at Jen's place at SDG. I homeschool as well. It is the only method of education that we have used with our four kids. I agree, though, it needs to fit the family and if God calls, He will equip you!! I enjoyed reading this. I should write some of our reasons down, too. Perhaps I will!

  2. I am glad that homeschooling is being accepted as an alternative. I believe we all need to do as much as we can to help our children whatever that choice is. And your right when we just stop and listen, God will help:)
    Just dropping in to let you know, I have nominated you for the Liebster award. Please come on over to get all the details.