Monday, July 9, 2012

Week 2- “The Greatest Book” Club

book club
Here we are in week 2 and as you saw in my last post we have been very busy, so I have to be honest I fell behind.  I am going to start to double up this next few weeks to get caught up.  I tell you that to give you the freedom to fall behind and yet to press on to reach our goal (hey that sounds like a verse I know from Philippians).  I also didn’t memorize the right verse.  I memorized a different one.  But it fit something that was going on in my life at the time.  More freedom.  Just stay in the word.

We are on Mark 2- Luke 14  and our verse is:
Mark 2 16b-17
Here is the schedule for the whole reading:
Week 1- Matthew 1- Mark 1
Week 2- Mark 2- Luke 14
Week 3- Luke 15- John 19
Week 4- John 20-Acts 27
Week 5- Acts 28- I Corinthians 12
Week 6- I Corinthians 13-Philippians 1
Week 7- Philippians 2-Hebrews 1
Week 8- Hebrews 2- I John 1
Week 9- I John 2- Revelations 22
Have a great week in the Word!!

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