Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Goodies Made By Allie Series-Pancakes

I am starting a series of all of the goodies that my daughter Allie has been making lately.  We have all gained about 5 pounds but you know I have some great recipes to share with you. 

The first one is what I was served on Mother’s day morning.  Pancakes-not just any pancakes but they are called “The Best Pancakes Ever”.  I think I agree with that statement.  I have been making a recipe for years and I am going to switch it up. 

First, I want to tell you my Mother’s day morning story.  I would love to hear your too!  We have a tradition that on Mother’s and Father’s day the kids and the other parent wake up early and sneak down and make a fancy breakfast for that celebration parent.  This year Isabella, who is in the hand bell choir, was preforming at our church at 8:00am on Mother’s day.  So, of course we needed to be there even earlier than that.  I waited and waited up in my bed for them to come and get me until finally I got up and started to get ready for church,  the little ones finally came running to find there mom at the top of the stairs just waiting.  The reason I was waiting is because now we had 30 minutes until we had to have Bella to the church.

So, I had to scarf down these delicious pancakes that were accompanied by Cheesy eggs and muffins.

Next time we make these I will eat them slowly and enjoy them.

Here we go:

Allie found this recipe on

The Best Pancakes Ever
Looking for that pancake with the perfect texture and taste? Look no further! Not to mention, these have chocolate chips and strawberries in them!
3 C .flour
6 Tbs. sugar
6 tsp. baking powder
1 1/2 tsp. salt
lg. beaten eggs
6 Tbs. oil
milk – enough to make pourable – at least 2 1/4 C.

Mix ins:
chocolate chips
chopped strawberries

Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add wet ingredients. Mix in enough milk to make the batter pourable.
Heat oil or margarine on pancake griddle. Add a ladleful of pancake batter. Throw in toppings such as chocolate chips and chopped strawberries. Heat each pancake 1-2 minutes until golden brown, flip and let the other side become golden brown. Serve.

She did not use the mix ins that were suggested.  Also, a funny thing, Allie was explaining the recipe to me and said that she put in 6 teaspoons of baking soda.  I said, are you sure it was not powder and she was positive.  Sure enough she used baking soda.  But they turned out fine.  In fact they were the Best Ever.  Hope you enjoy!



  1. Super great story! OK, You have got me craving pancakes now:) I have never tried them with chocolate chips, why ever not, I am not sure but I am planning too now. Thanks for sharing what looks like an amazing pancake recipe at Freedom Fridays!

  2. I love the image of your family making breakfast for you. How lovely!

    We used to run a family friendly inn. The kids loved, loved chocolate chip pancakes, the parents preferred the blueberry. My husband was responsible for the pancakes, and he would put just a teeny bit of cinnamon into the plain batter. It gave the pancakes just a little extra bit of flavor.