Monday, May 21, 2012

Marriage Moment- Why don’t we need a break?


The other day we were watching Little House on the Prairie, the episode was about The Olesons.  They were having marriage trouble.  Nels the husband was feeling taken for granted and from the looks of things I would agree with him.  So, Nels decided to start a business that involved travel to get a break from his ungrateful family.  While gone he stayed in the boarding house of a lovely young single woman and started to fall for her.  But then he was convicted and returned to his wife who then was missing him and acted more appreciative. 

(We are not in a bar, it is a bowling alley.  This was at Christmas)

During that show, Isabella said “how come you and Daddy don’t need a break”, meaning from each other.  I told her it was because Daddy and I take care of each other, we try not to take advantage of the other and we also try to make the other feel special. 

So, many marriages break apart because of selfishness.  If we are looking out for the others best interest in all that we do, we will not push each other away.  Instead, we will draw each other closer.  This is not just my idea, I can’t take credit for it.  I got this straight out of the Bible, Ephesians 5:21-33.  These verses say it all. 

Think of something special that you can do for your hubby today.  Make him feel appreciated.



  1. Awe,great words. Thank you for this! It's too easy to take our spouses for granted. It's a constant prayer and challenge that I make him my first priority aside of God.

  2. A sweet reminder and post, thank you! What a wonderful testimony the words you shared are to your children and their futures. :)