Monday, November 26, 2012

Hot Oatmeal Cooler

IMG_2139In the morning we eat Oatmeal often and it is always to hot for my kids.  We used to put an ice cube or 2 into the bowl, but that just watered down the Oatmeal and it didn’t taste as creamy.
One day as I was reaching for the ice cubes, I saw a bag of frozen Berries.  I thought well we can try it.  We used frozen berries in place of ice and had great results.  My daughter especially loves the berries instead of the ice.  My son (Mr. Picky) would rather eat watered down Oatmeal.
So, have some fun trying different combinations:
Peaches with cream
Raspberries with Cinnamon
Strawberries with a little Nutmeg
Blackberries with a dash of Ginger
Blueberries with Pomegranate seeds
Enjoy Breakfast!!
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  1. My boys eat oatmeal quite regularly. I never thought to use frozen fruit to cool it down! what a great idea :) Thank you for sharing at All my Bloggy Friends. I can't wait to see what you share this week.