Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grilled Pizza Sandwiches

Wednesday Nights are AWANA nights at our house.  Dinner is very much on the fly, so I loved this recipe.  These are a kicked up version of Grilled Cheese.  They are a favorite by everyone in our house including Max the dog.  Jacob left half of his out when he left for AWANA and was sad to find it gone when he returned. 

These are the ingredients minus the bread of course. Sorry! 
Butter your pan (I used coconut oil, I am really liking that stuff).  Then place a slice of the bread down in the pan. Next, layer on the other 3 ingredients, first the sauce, then the pepperoni and finally the cheese.

Place the second piece of bread on the top and flip after a minute or so, just like grilled cheese.  Add some carrot sticks to the plate and you have yourself a quick dinner.


Final product ready to pull out and serve.  See they look just like grilled cheese, but surprise they are not.


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