Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wrapped up in a Title

I was just reading in my bible study and the woman said, when we are in ministry of any kind we need to focus on the people and not on the task or title. That soooo applies to motherhood and keeping a home. We get wrapped up in a task that we are doing, when a child runs in or our husband comes home, we feel interrupted because we weren't done. This week let’s all remember who it is that we are doing all of this for. It doesn't mean that we can't expect to get things done, it just means we need to watch our attitudes when we are interrupted.
As far as that title goes, motherhood can actually take on a negative feel.  Many of us have felt the sting of the phrase “just a mom”.  Let me remind you and myself also that we are doing the hardest, most important job in the world.  Without us where would the world be.  Actually, many moms have left their post and we see the effects of that in our society today.  We play a vital role in forming the leaders of the future.   Keep up the good work and pass on this message to another mom to encourage her.

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