Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Little Things

This week, I want you to take one of your children into your lap and measure your hand to theirs. Really study it for a moment. There are 2 things we can learn from doing this. First, it gives us perspective when we are frustrated with our small ones that just aren't getting it.(Why do you keep pulling your sisters hair, after 10 time outs).   They have only been here on this earth for a few short years. It takes time to master this thing called life.
The next thing we can learn from doing this is, that this is how our heavenly Father sees us. In our faith and our knowledge of Him we are just small children, who just don't get it so much of the time. We have a Father with endless patience and love for us because he knows we are still trying to master this thing called life.


  1. Thank you Jeannie for this reminder. Beautifully stated. ;)


  2. Thank God for His patience with me. He has to have a whole lot of it with me and that continues to remind me of how much I am to have it with everyone else. Thanks for another reminder.