Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Month of Birthdays

In our house we have 4 birthdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It makes life just crazy and expensive.  For our two little ones this year we decided to have a friend party in February because it is so crazy.  Here is a peek at our birthday celebrations.
This is little guys cake, made by the lovely and talented Allie.  She is such an artist.  She did this free-hand.
Here we have Mr. 16.  He wanted a Brownie Trifle for his cake, layers of brownie and pudding.  Yummmm!!!  He had a sleepover, hold the sleep.
This belongs to Bella.  She turned 7.  Allie did this cake too.  Bella wanted a Tinkerbell/Gingerbread house cake and that is what she got. 
And I got a surprise party from my daughter and best friend Melissa.  They had me till I started questioning Melissa’s husband’s ploy to get us over there.  Oh really you got a new snow blower and I care why?  BTW (teen talk for by the way.  I try my best to stay with it)  I turned 28 again!!  Ok,Ok  40.

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  1. I missed this post! Why what a handsome group of friends Mr 16 has!! I bet there was very little sleep going on! Allie did a great job on the cake decorating! I can not even claim that any of our months are as busy as your November/December was. Happy birthday a little late Jeannie! you are aa amazing woman!