Monday, December 5, 2011

Goals For December

Considering this is so late getting in here, I would say getting organized should be top priority. First, let’s see if I accomplished something last month.  It sure does not seem like it but sometimes if you look at a list you can see for sure.
  • Organize my kitchen cupboards (ugh!) X
  • Finish my meal planning for November(better get that done quick, so we can eat) X
  • I am going to actually plan this year’s Thanksgiving beforehand.  X
  • Start planning Christmas (when I figure out what that means I will share it with you)  Still in the works, but I did start.
  • Finish putting together new calendar set up for classroom. X
  • Write more inspirational posts I actually slowed down on posts sorry.
  • Start writing a Bible study This is half done
  • Write an article or two for other sources.  Nope
Well I would say I accomplished about half of what I wanted to.   So here we go…
December’s goals:
  • More efficient meal planning.
  • Sticking to the meal planning.
  • Keeping paper work/school work papers under control.
  • Take a look at and try it out (Melissa is trying it and loves it.
  • Have healthier snack choices for my family.
  • Better scheduling of work.
  • Planning ahead a little more.
  • Getting everything done before Christmas break.
  • Get things ready for a great series we have planned for January.
  • Better planning.
Thank you for listening.  You know I list all of this to inspire you and keep me accountable.  Hope it helps.  Here is my inspiration.
Mission of the Month

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  1. At least you are halfway done with writing a Bible study. How many can say they've ever done that?