Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A little about me…

So, Melissa had a good idea tell you all a little about herself to help you understand where we are coming from.  Well, here is a little about me. 
I am a follower of Christ, a Wife of 20 years and a mother of four great children.  We sort of have two sets of kids.  We have a daughter that is 18 and a son that is 15.  Also, we have a daughter that is 6 and a son that is 4.  When our oldest was about 10 life was easy and we thought “hey let’s have another baby” and then God said “Hey how about one more”.
I am a stay at home mom now and I have always been at home but I have always worked in some way from home.  Now I am home and just homeschooling our younger two children.  I love to be at home.  I love all things domestic, except crafts those I am capable of but I don’t love.  I love gardening, cooking, baking and even cleaning on a good day.

I started blogging because I have felt in my heart that this is what I am suppose to be doing for years.  Now, God has freed me up to do it.  You see I have done daycare in my home for 10 years and just ended.  See the story about that here.  I am very excited to see what God gives me to write.  I say that God gives it to me because I really believe that through his Holy Spirit he speaks through my hands writing.  I so often get done writing something and say Wow that is really good, not to myself but to the Lord.  If you know me you realize that I am too scatterbrained to write anything good.  In fact, all of the articles about things like recipes, tips and things like that, well that’s just me and you will see.  Now, the inspirational stuff that is Him.

I love that Melissa and I are working together on this because we are so different and yet just like Melissa I need to have that third strand in all parts of my life in order to have order in my life.  We hope that you find good information, are inspired and have fun reading our blog.  Enjoy!!

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